The Policy Development Unit of Clan Childlaw Ltd began operating in October 2011. Our aim is to improve outcomes for children and young people by contributing to policy development in relation to the realisation of their rights across Scotland. We are uniquely placed to base our policy work on the evidence gathered from our direct legal representation of children and young people. We use our legal knowledge, skills and expertise to advance policy and its implementation.

We work collaboratively with many other organisations on a range of child law issues and are always keen to hear from anyone who thinks they might want to work with us on a particular issue. If you would like to get in touch, please email our Policy & Advocacy Consultant, Fiona Jones, at

Our current project “Children’s Rights in Scotland: Using the law and human rights to advance policy”, supported by the Baring Foundation and the Legal Education Foundation, seeks to highlight the benefits of using the law, legal processes and human rights to progress policy issues to tackle discrimination and disadvantage in relation to children in Scotland. For further information, please contact Janet Cormack, at Read more about the project on the Baring Foundation’s Blog. Clan Childlaw recently intervened in two Supreme Court cases to put forward a child law and children’s rights perspective – you can read about our interventions here.