Street Legal is a partnership between Clan Childlaw and Shelter Scotland, providing free legal advice and representation to young people and families with children in Edinburgh who are affected by homelessness.

In February, we took part in a programme with University of Edinburgh - Students as Change Agents.

This is a project within the Data Driven Innovation programme at the university - part of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland Region City Deal.

The purpose is to bring organisations and companies from all different sectors together with groups of students to explore real-world issues which impact social well-being, the environment or the economy.

We linked our work with Street Legal to the programme.

The challenge question we set the students was: How can Scotland change to reduce youth homelessness?

Two groups of students explored our question.

One group focused on youth homelessness in rural areas, and the other group explored the experiences of homeless young people in the LGBTQ+ community (please click links to find the reports).

Both groups presented their findings to us and a wider audience, which included a video and a report.

We believe the law needs to work better for children and young people. We act to make this happen through our services.

We enjoyed sharing the work we do with Students as Change Agents, and we're looking forward to collaborating again with the next programme.