This conference follows the Sibling Contact Workshop series ran by Clan Childlaw and STAR over the last year. It also marks one year since the Stand Up for Siblings partnership was launched and will explore the latest practice, policy and legal developments in delivering sibling contact for looked after children in Scotland.

Over the last year, Clan Childlaw and Siblings Reunited (STAR) have convened workshops around Scotland on sibling contact with the aim of raising awareness of the positive impact of appropriate contact for separated looked after siblings and the resources and help available to make this happen. 

The workshops have shown a high level of interest and drive to deliver change. The momentum and opportunity for change are seen too across the Stand Up for Siblings partnership - launched one year ago - which aims to improve and change legislation, policy and practice, the Independent Care Review as it uses its Journey Stage to begin to deliver improvements for infants, children and young people who experience care, the review of family law and the Children (Scotland) Act 1995, and in individual local authorities and public bodies devising new ways to protect, prioritise, promote and maintain the relationships of looked after brothers and sisters.

This conference is an excellent opportunity to take stock of:

  • Emerging good practice in facilitating sibling contact
  • Policy and legal developments
  • What needs to happen now to deliver sibling contact for looked after children

The day will include contributions from:

Registration & refreshments will start at 9.30am with the conference starting at 10am.

Registration is free but spaces are limited! For further information, please contact [email protected].

This conference and the workshop series are organised by Clan Childlaw and Siblings Reunited (STAR) under their joint project ‘Sibling Contact for Looked After Children’, a two-year project funded by the Scottish Government CYPFEIF and ALEC Fund.