Equal protection against assault

Children and young people should enjoy the same legal protection against assault as adults. We support the proposed bill to end the defence of 'justifiable assault' in Scots law.Read more

Impact of childhood offending behaviour later in life

The very different nature of childhood offending behaviour from adult offending should be better reflected in law and adverse implications for later life minimised.Read more

Minimum age of criminal responsibility

The minimum age of criminal responsibility, currently 8 years old in Scotland, should be raised in line with international standards to ensure harmful behaviours displayed by children are treated as child protection concerns rather than criminal matters.Read more

Right to privacy & the Named Person scheme

It is essential that children and young people's privacy rights are protected when professionals share information under the Named Person scheme. We intervened in the Supreme Court 'Named Person' case to put forward the children's rights perspective.Read more

Sibling contact

The law as it currently stands does not allow children and young people to easily address sibling separation and contact, especially care experienced children and young people. We are calling for the law to be changed to prioritise sibling relationships.Read more