Clan Childlaw Covid-19 Response Project: Protecting the rights of care experienced children and young people during the pandemic

About the Project

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things, but it hasn’t changed the responsibilities of local authorities to support care experienced children and young people. Decisions made during the pandemic by social work, Children’s Hearings and courts can make serious, long-lasting changes in some young people’s lives.  Covid-19 is not a reason to disregard the rights of care experienced children and young people or pay less attention to their views.

Clan Childlaw’s Covid-19 Response Project aims to make sure that children and young people are not being disadvantaged by the way local authorities provide care and make decisions about care during the pandemic. During this one-year project, Clan Childlaw will provide training and information to frontline workers and carers to help them recognise and use children’s rights and make sure that care experienced children and young people are getting all the support they need and are entitled to. 

The Clan Childlaw Covid-19 Response Project is funded by The Baring Foundation. If you would like to know more about this project, please email Katy Nisbet on

About Clan Childlaw’s response to Covid-19

Throughout the pandemic, our lawyers have been helping care-experienced children and young people when Covid-19 has affected their lives and stood in the way of their rights.

We have helped young people with situations including:

  • Not being able to see family.
  • Not being able to take an active part in hearings and meetings
  • Being moved around care placements without the proper decision making process being followed
  • Not having their views heard
  • Being told to leave accommodation because of covid 19 rules and restrictions.
  • Being given unsuitable accommodation on the basis that nothing else is available due to covid-19.

If you need to speak to a lawyer about the rights of care-experienced child or young person during the pandemic, please call us on 08081290522.