Webinars & toolkits on legal problems during Covid-19

Clan Childlaw provide legal services to young people including those who have been looked after by the local authority and those in, on the edges of and preparing to leave care, continuing and after care.

Our team is doing everything we can to protect and realise children and young people’s rights during and after the coronavirus lockdown by providing advice, advocacy, answering enquiries and representing children and young people when legal processes and decisions are affecting their lives.

We know that during this period children and young people will have questions about their rights and about how the law affects them. Both during and after the pandemic children and young people, family members and carers and key workers who support children and young people will have all sorts of new and challenging questions about children’s rights and the law affecting children and young people in Scotland – probably questions we will never have been asked before.

We have produced four webinars with toolkits that accompany them in order to assist young people who have experience of local authority care and those working with them. The webinars cover four issues that we know have been difficult throughout the pandemic. The issues covered by the webinars are: contact with family, moving accommodation, care leavers’ rights to continuing care and after care and housing and homelessness. The webinars are intended to minimise the impact of coronavirus by assisting young people to challenge restrictions on their home life and housing rights.

Children and young people (and the adults that support them) can still call us on 0808 129 0522 about any question you have – you don’t have to know you need a lawyer to call us. No problem is unimportant to us, and all questions are welcome!

With thanks to the Scottish Government’s Wellbeing Fund for supporting this project.

Please view the webinars and download the toolkits here:

Contact with family Webinar & Toolkits

Moving accommodation Webinar & Toolkits

Care Leavers’ Rights Webinar & Toolkits

Housing Webinar & Toolkits


This is intended as a guide on these issues only, as at August 2020 and should not be taken as an authoritative statement and interpretation of the law. If you have any questions or would like further information please call 0808 129 0522 or email info@clanchildlaw.org.