Learn about appeals in the children's hearing system. Does a young person have the right to an appeal? What are the grounds of appeal? How does an appeal end up in court? Who will take part in the appeal? What happens at the court hearing? How will the Sheriff make their decision?
Changes to the law
It’s often hard to know for sure if a problem faced by a child or young person is one where the law can help, however knowing how and when to get legal help for a child or young person is essential knowledge for anyone who cares for or supports children and young people.
Learn about non-disclosure in children's hearings. What is a non-disclosure request? What is the test for the non-disclosure of information? What happens if it is refused?
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This section contains a short video on grounds of referral to children's hearings as well as a case study example with answered FAQ's.
Children's Rights (1)
This case study addresses commonly asked questions about the rights of attendance in children's hearings: who has the right to attend, does the child have to go, who can be the child's representative and other considerations.
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Learn about s.11 orders. What are they? Who can apply? Can a child be subject to both a s.11 order and a CSO? Does a person with a s.11 order for contact with the child become a 'relevant person'?
Learn about secure accommodation. Can a young person be moved to secure accommodation before a hearing takes place? Should the young person think about getting a lawyer? What will the panel consider? What is a movement restriction condition? What is the effect of a measure authorising secure accommodation? How long will the young person be in secure accommodation?
Lawyers For Children Roundtable
Learn about sibling participation in children's hearings. Whose responsibility is it to think about contact between siblings? What if it isn't being considered? What rights does a 'participating individual' have? Can you appeal a decision on participation in children's hearings?