White text on blue background with green, white, purple and blue confetti coming down from top edge reads: 16 Years of Clan Childlaw We Stand with Children and young people when they stand up for their rights.
June 12th 2024
Alison Reid and Fiona Jones founded Clan Childlaw 16 years ago to create legal services for children and young people which met their needs. In this blog, Fiona Jones reflects on how far Clan has come from those early beginnings and some of the achievements that have been made in...
Copy of Housing and Homelessness
May 27th 2024
Our head of Legal Policy Katy Nisbet discussed the use of Deprivation of Liberty orders with Lucy White on Good Morning Scotland on Friday 24th of May 2024.  In this blog, Katy explains the problematic use of these orders and the issues that they generate – including children and young...
Children's Rights
April 17th 2024
In this blog Claire Lightowler  reflects on the progress that has been made during the first year of the Rights in Justice project.  The Rights in Justice project, funded by The Promise Partnership, is celebrating the conclusion of its first year, so it’s a good opportunity to reflect on the...
February 6th 2024
In this blog, Clan Childlaw’s Principal Solicitor & Chief Executive, Alison Reid discusses the announcement of the next General Comment by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child & the gaps in current provisions in Scotland. The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has announced...
Changes to the law
January 10th 2024
In this blog our Head of Legal Policy, Katy Nisbet and Rights In Justice Project Manager, Claire Lightowler discuss the need for lawyers for children in the Children’s Hearing System and what can be done to improve children and young people’s experiences of care and justice processes. A child entering...
December 13th 2023
In this blog our Head of Legal Policy, Katy Nisbet reflects on the recent passing of the UNCRC (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bil in the Scottish Parliament, the changes made and future steps. On Thursday 7th December 2023 the UNCRC (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill was passed unanimously by MSPs following a debate on...
Life without siblings (1)
November 23rd 2023
This week The Adoption, Fostering and Kinship Care Association (AFKA) are hosting Adoption Week Scotland with a series of events throughout the country.  With the theme of the week being ‘Listening to and Supporting the Experience of Adoption in Scotland’, our Head of Legal Policy, Katy Nisbet, discusses how maintaining...
Copy of Housing and Homelessness
November 6th 2023
In this blog our head of Legal Policy, Katy Nisbet provides insight on Clan Childlaw’s perspective in relation to the recent publishing of the ‘Placing Children In Hotel Accomodation – A Human Rights Analysis Report’ by the office of the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland. A report published last Thursday,...
Children's Rights
November 2nd 2023
Our Head of Legal Policy, Katy Nisbet reflects on the publication of the Making Human Rights Justice report including 13 call to actions, the barriers to rights enforcement and potential opportunities through the UNCRC Implementation Bill. Today sees the publication of an important report into Making Human Rights Justice a...
Changes to the law
August 23rd 2023
Following the launch of our Rights In Justice project in April 2023, Project Manager Claire Lightowler reflects on the developments and discoveries since then.  It’s been four months since we launched the Rights in Justice project – to improve legal support for children and young people in conflict with the...
October 5th 2022
If we are to achieve the fundamental system change required by The Promise and ensure that rights are always respected, then lawyers and legal services for children and young people need to change too.
July 18th 2022
Dr Claire Lightowler shares emerging findings and insights from her work on a scoping study to better understand the legal needs of children and young people in conflict with the law.
May 16th 2022
Legal Policy Manager Katy Nisbet writes about the importance of the right to Continuing Care and considers Clan Childlaw's role in helping children to access their rights.
February 1st 2022
Our new Legal Policy Manager Katy Nisbet reflects on why the recent BBC documentary ‘Split Up In Care - Life Without Siblings’ resonated so deeply with her as she settles into her new role at Clan Childlaw.
December 3rd 2021
Together with CELCIS (the Centre for Excellence for Children’s Care and Protection) and the Care Inspectorate, we have written a Practice Note to help explain the rights of looked after young people to stay put in positive care placements after they leave care
May 26th 2021
Our Legal Policy Manager Janet Cormack explains what has happened so far with UNCRC in Scotland and what could happen next.
May 18th 2021
It seems inevitable that a significant number of children and young people will find themselves without legal settled status when the deadline passes on 30 June. They will find themselves ineligible for housing benefits with no right to work, study and live in the UK.
November 30th 2020
New laws mean it’s much less likely someone with childhood convictions will have these disclosed when applying for jobs, courses, or volunteer work
September 4th 2020
The Children (Scotland) Act 2020 improves legal protection for children's right to be heard in courts and children's hearings and their right to a family life with their brothers and sisters - this blog explains the changes it will make
April 16th 2020
New laws have been put in place for children’s hearings and for looked after children during Covid-19. This blog explains what it means.
April 9th 2020
Justice First Fellow and Clan Childlaw trainee Louise Herd blogs about the first three months of her social welfare traineeship
February 10th 2020
Rebecca Scott, Managing Solicitor at Clan, discusses changes proposed in the Children (Scotland) Bill that would place a duty on courts to ensure decisions are explained to children - and argues it should be judges themselves who speak or write to children
November 28th 2019
From 29th November 2019, children who commit an offence when aged under 12 will no longer be able to be referred to a Children’s Hearing on offence grounds. They can only be referred on care and protection grounds.
September 15th 2019
Ahead of welcoming another Justice First Fellowship trainee at Clan Childlaw, we take the opportunity to ask our solicitor, Jenna, about her experience as Justice First Fellow.