Access to Records

Alex has had a difficult time at school in the past few years and on a couple of occasions the police and social workers have ended up being involved.

Alex is doing a lot better now and wants to go to college, but is worried that there might be a problem if the college finds out about what happened at school in the past. He would like to know what records have been kept about him by his school, social work and the police.

A solicitor from Clan Childlaw came and met Alex after school one day, and explained that Alex has the right to see the records from all agencies and that he needs to write to them to request them. The solicitor offered to advise him about how to write the letters. The solicitor explained that occasionally there will be a good reason that he can’t see his records but that usually he should be sent a copy. The solicitor can support him and advise him until he gets the information that he wants.

More information on accessing your records.