Contact and residence

We are contacted by children, young people and parents who are looking for help for a child with telling the court their views on decisions the court has to make about their care – things like which parent they live with, and contact with a parent. Children and young people are entitled to give their views to the court. There are forms children can use to share their views, and other ways the court can get the child’s views. A child can get help filling in the form from an adult they trust. This may be something a lawyer can help with, but it does not have to be a lawyer who fills in the form. If you want more information about this then please get in touch with us, we can give you information about how things work and guidance to find help for children giving their views to court.

If you are supporting someone whos parents are not living together and they can’t agree where the young person lives or who they will see, they can make a contact or residence order. The court should always hear your views before any order is made. A letter will be sent to the young person for their views and they may be able to get a solicitor to go to court.