The Problem 

Jamie is 12. He lives in a residential unit. His little brother Adam, is 6 and was living with a foster family. Jamie and Adam have met up and seen each other at least once a month and have been able to stay in touch since they were taken away from home.  Jamie's social worker told Jamie that they have taken the first legal steps to have Adam adopted. He asked what would happen with him and Adam keeping in touch after Adam was adopted. The social worker told him that the court were not being asked to make a rule that Adam and Jamie had to stay in contact after the adoption, but that it would be OK because social work would still make sure that they met up. Jamie was worried. What if he had a different social worker in the future? What if Adam's new family didn't keep up with the meetings once Adam didn't have a social worker any more? He wanted to be sure that he didn't lose touch with Adam after he was adopted.

How a Lawyer Can Help 

Jamie's key worker helped him to get a lawyer from Clan Childlaw. He wanted the court to hear from him that even though Adam is being adopted, he still has Jamie as a brother and that Adam must keep seeing Jamie after the adoption. Jamie's lawyer asked the judge to listen to what Jamie had to say about contact with Jamie after Adam is adopted. After the court agreed to hear what Jamie thought about the adoption , the social workers who were sorting out Adam's adoption agreed they would ask the court to make a legal order that said that Adam and Jamie must see each other at least 4 times every year as long as that was what Adam wanted and what was best for him.