Summaries by Clan Childlaw of recent cases of interest

Please note these summaries are intended for your assistance, but are neither exhaustive nor definitive. For a full authoritative report of a summarised case, please go to the official case report via the web link provided.

ABC v Principal Reporter and others, [2018] CSOH 81 - Ruling on siblings' participation in children's hearings

A v C and B v C [2018] CSOH 65 - Damages awarded for historical sexual abuse

TJ v SB [2018] SAC (Civ) 15 - Ruling on the sheriff's failure to make an order for breach of contact order and contempt of court

NR v Roma Bruce-Davies, Scottish Children’s Reporter’s Administration [2018] SAC (Civ) 13 - Appeals against a sheriff’s decision on appeal from a children's hearing decision should be an exceptional event

The City of Edinburgh Council v R [2018] CSIH 20 - A Scottish local authority Council breached its duty to provide an adequate plan to support an autistic child’s return education

North Lanarkshire Council v KR [2017] SAC (Civ) 38 - Sheriff was right to refuse to grant permanence order – failure of local authority to show permanence necessary

AU v (First) Glasgow City Council, (Second) The Advocate General [2017] CSOH 122 - Individuals seeking to challenge an age assessment in court should do so by judicial review

CF v MF, GF and Locality Reporter [2017] CSIH 44 – 14 year old girl successfully challenges Relevant Person Status of grandparents

In the Petition of ES v EML [2017] CSOH 79 – Return of child to Spain following failure to establish defence of consent to removal

In the Petition of YG v EEP [2017] CSOH 75 – Objections by child regarding return to Sweden outweighed by particular circumstances and policy considerations

In the Petition of GCMR for an order under the Child Abduction and Custody Act 1985 [2017] CSOH 66 – Refusal to order return of child to Portugal despite wrongful removal to Scotland by mother

GB or L v JL [2017] CSOH 60 – Relocation order denied due to consideration of the welfare of the child

AB v Her Majesty’s Advocate [2017] UKSC 25 – Scottish law on sexual offences incompatible with human rights

Applications for Permanence Orders in respect of A and B [2017] SC EDIN 30 - Indirect contact provided for in permanence order may include parents viewing photographs of the children once a year

A.F. v R.F. [2017] SAC (Civ) 18 – Decision to refuse a proof involving a child’s testimony not a violation of Article 6 rights, nor against child’s interest

In the matter of EV (A Child) (Scotland); In the matter of EV (A Child) (No 2) (Scotland) [2017] UKSC 15 – Permanence order threshold test of whether residence with a parent would be “seriously detrimental” to a child

P(AP) v The Scottish Ministers [2017] CSOH 33 – Mandatory disclosure of an offence handled by Children’s Hearing system deemed a violation of Article 8 rights

LO v. N & C [2017] CSIH 14 – Recall of adoption order for failure by Sheriff to consider less drastic alternatives

M.B. v Douglas Hill, Locality Reporter Manager [2017] SAC (Civ) 10 – Appeal of CSO continuation deemed frivolous because not based on a point of law

Note by Sheriff Philip Mann in permanence order proceedings relating to the child RT [2017] SC LER 9 – Inadvertent end to CSO with consequent risk to the welfare of a child

In the matter of A, B, C, D, E and F (Children) [2017] EWHC 35 (Fam) – Natural parents of children subject to Scottish permanence orders and their consent in English adoption proceedings

Re M (Children) [2017] EWCA (Civ) 2164 (Ultra-Orthodox Judaism: Transgender) on appeal from [2017] EWFC 4 – Contact – risk of ostracism from ultra-orthodox religious community

Application under the Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011 by the Principal Reporter in respect of the Child Z [2017] SC GLA 3 – Competency of Referral to Sheriff to establish grounds when child not habitually resident in Scotland

SM v. CM [2017] CSIH 1 – Overturning of finding of contempt based on mother’s failure to facilitate contact

Application by JKL (a minor) to apply for judicial review [2016] NIQB 99 – Dismissal of a complaint regarding government’s failure to legislate to protect identify of children pre-charge

ZM and AM v Locality Reporter [2016] SAC (Civ) 16 – Meaning of “close connection” and “significant contact” in s67(2) 2011 Act

The City of Edinburgh Council v RO and RD [2016] SAC (Civ) 15 – Permanence Case with authority to adopt – duties and tests

CC v Maureen Manns, Locality Reporter [2016] SAC (Civ) 13 – “Un-deeming” of Relevant Person – test

East Renfrewshire Council Appeal against decision of sheriff at Paisley [2016] SAC (Civ) 14 – Implementation Authority bearing costs of child looked after elsewhere

H v H [2016] SAC(Civ) 12 – Delay in family action involving children

The Christian Institute and others v The Lord Advocate [2016] UKSC 51 – Named Person scheme information sharing provisions incompatible with human rights

LA v. JJH [2016] SAC (Civ) 002 – Warning about use of evidential child welfare hearings