Throughout the pandemic, our lawyers have been helping care-experienced children and young people when Covid-19 has affected their lives and stood in the way of their rights.

We have helped young people with situations including:

Seeing Family

Sophia*, 14, was living in residential care and, until the pandemic, often went to stay overnight with family. When Covid-19 started, she wasn’t allowed to do that anymore. The local authority had decided there was to be no overnights or face to face contact in any circumstances because of covid risks. A solicitor from Clan Childlaw was able to legally challenge this and Sophia was able to see her family again.

Being asked to leave accommodation

17-year-old Michael* was living in supported accommodation. He was warned that he had broken the Covid-19 regulations and would be asked to leave his accommodation if this happened again. A Clan Childlaw solicitor helped Michael complain to his local authority because there had been an incorrect application of the regulations.

Young parent seeing their child face to face 

Sally*, 16, sought our help to be able to see her toddler Jade*, who was living with foster carers. A children’s panel had decided that, because of Covid-19, Sally could only see Jade virtually. A Clan Childlaw solicitor helped Sally appeal the panel’s decision to the Sheriff Court and the court decided that Sally should be allowed to have face to face supervised contact with Jade.

*names have been changed

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We have produced webinars and toolkits covering four issues that we know have been difficult throughout the pandemic.