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How can we help?                                               

Are you a child or young person, family member, carer or professional supporting children and young people?

We would really like to hear from you about your experience just now during the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown and your thoughts about the longer-term impact.

Our team is doing everything we can to protect and realise children and young people’s rights during and after the coronavirus lockdown by providing advice, advocacy, answering enquiries and representing children and young people when legal processes and decisions are affecting their lives.

You can help us to help more children and young people by telling us about how coronavirus and the lockdown is affecting you. 

How are any changes - for example to children’s hearings, care arrangements, living arrangements or contact with family members - affecting you or affecting your future plans?

Are there issues you have questions about or are worried about?  

You or the person you’re supporting might be due to leave care or awaiting a decision.

You or the person you’re supporting may be unclear about how their children’s hearing will be affected.

You might be a young person seeking asylum, or you might have concerns around your housing.

You might have a problem or question that is linked to the coronavirus situation, or it might not be related, it’s just taking longer to resolve because of the lockdown. 

What would it be useful for Clan Childlaw solicitors to give you more information on? How would you like to get that information?  

Is there training that you think would be helpful for Clan Childlaw to provide for people who are caring for or supporting children and young people?  

Are there other ways we can help?  

You can submit your comments in the survey anonymously or you can leave your contact details if you're happy for us to contact you to follow up the survey. You can also just call us on 0808 129 0522 or email [email protected].

If you are a young person who needs legal help, or you care for or support a young person who needs legal help, please contact our Legal Information Service (freephone 08081290522, email [email protected]), where we can discuss your problem with you directly.

Thank you!