It’s sometimes hard to know if a problem you have is a legal problem. If something has happened to you which you feel is unfair, or which is making your life difficult, this may be something a lawyer can help with.

What sort of things can a lawyer help with?  

Clan Childlaw only work with children and young people. We are experts in dealing with the sort of legal problems that children and young people have.

We help with things like:  

  • if you have been referred to the Children’s Reporter and have to go to a children’s hearing,
  • if you stay with a foster carer or in a children’s unit and you are wondering about your future and what rights you have,
  • if your parents don’t live together and can’t agree where you should live or how often you should see your other parent,
  • if you have brothers and sisters that you are not having contact with,
  • if you are a worried that your baby or child might be removed from your care,
  • if you want to have contact with your baby or child,
  • If you want a solicitor to represent you at a children’s hearings or in court,
  • if you don’t think there is a reason for having a Children’s Hearing about you,
  • If there is a case in court about you, or you are supposed to tell the court your views about a decision the court is making,
  • if you want to ask for the decision of a children’s hearing to be changed or looked at again.

Take a look at some examples of case studies where we have helped children and young people.