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White text on purple background reads: Training: Right to be Heard. Date: 29th August 2024 Time: 9:30 - 12:30. Location: Zoom. Price: £75. This writing is above a photo of a line of hands with letters spelling out the Rights written in the palms.
July 8th 2024
Bookings are now open for the first in a series of training sessions on the incorporation of the UNCRC, delivered by Clan Childlaw’s expert team of lawyers. The first session will examine the UNCRC and the Right to be Heard – how UNCRC informed advocacy can prevent negative consequences for...
hree circles grouped together - one blue, one green and one purple. White text on the blue circle reads: 1 standing with others who help children to use their rights to increase access to justice for children and young people. White text on the green circle reads: Standing out through the impact of our work to build support for our work to improve things for children and young people. White text on the purple circle reads 3 standing for change to make change in the lives and futures of young people by empowering them to use their rights.
June 12th 2024
We are delighted to share our Strategic Plan 2024-2027. We formally launched our Strategic Plan at our 16th Birthday celebration on the 12th of June at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.  We were delighted to be joined by colleagues, partners and supporters from across the legal, education and voluntary sectors, as...
Paper cut outs of a teenage boy with brown hair and a man wearing a suit and glasses with red hair are either side of white text which reads Clan Childlaw presents Alright?
May 21st 2024
Clan Childlaw’s ‘Alright?’ animation has been nominated for a Scottish Design Award in the Animation/Moving Imagery category. This is a fantastic achievement for all of those involved in bringing this piece to life.  We are delighted to have been shortlisted amongst the other brilliant nominees. ‘Alright?’ is an exploration of...
Child law network
September 27th 2023
We are delighted to share that Clan Childlaw has secured funding from The Promise Partnership from Corra Foundation on behalf of Scottish Government to continue the development of the work of the Lawyers For Children project. For many years Clan Childlaw has taken the lead in the development of child...
Paper cut outs of a teenage boy with brown hair and a man wearing a suit and glasses with red hair are either side of white text which reads Clan Childlaw presents Alright?
September 6th 2023
Clan Childlaw is delighted to present our ‘Alright?’ animation. We have been working with young people on ways of sharing their views and experiences. ‘Alright?’ is an exploration of an individual’s struggle to find his place within a complex web of rights, laws and support systems. Malcolm identifies the significance...
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July 17th 2023
We are delighted to launch the first courses in our new programme of regular training, led by Clan Childlaw’s expert lawyers. We provide up-to-date information about the law in a practical and accessible way, with a focus on how the law can be used in practice to improve the lives of children and...
Finalist Scottish Legal Awards 2023
June 21st 2023
We are honoured to have been named as finalist in the 2023 Scottish Legal Awards. Clan Childlaw is nominated for the Community Contribution Award, Sponsored by Frasia Wright Associates. The Scottish Legal Awards aim to recognise excellence in Scottish law and are judged by a panel of experts drawn from...
January 29th 2023
As we celebrate the third anniversary of the Independent Care Review, Clan Childlaw is reflecting on what we have done so far to #KeepThePromise and our priorities and goals for the coming years. Our lawyers work with care experienced children and young people every day to protect their rights and...
Siblings for website (1)
January 28th 2023
We are delighted to share that Clan Childlaw has secured funding from The Promise Partnership for the Rights In-Justice project. Through this project, Clan Childlaw will be working to ensure that children and young people in conflict with the law have their rights respected and have access to legal support where public...
January 23rd 2023
As of today, 23 January 2023, new regulations will allow siblings to apply for legal aid for a lawyer to represent them at their sibling’s Children’s Hearings. Clan welcomes this change, which will ensure that children and young people who have siblings going through the children’s hearing system can effectively participate and...
Upset homeless teenager wearing hoodie, feeling cold, indifference and poverty
November 29th 2022
From 29th November 2022, the rules allowing local authorities to refer people experiencing homelessness to another local authority in Scotland on the basis of local connection have been suspended.  This means that when a person makes a homelessness application a local authority cannot refuse to accommodate them because they have no...
October 26th 2022
For this year’s Care Experienced Week, we wanted to highlight the different ways we are working to protect the rights of care experienced young people.
October 3rd 2022
We are delighted to announce that Clan Childlaw is now an accredited Living Wage employer. As the cost of living increases, Clan Childlaw has taken this step to publicly commit to continuing to pay a real Living Wage to everyone who works at Clan.
September 21st 2022
New study finds that children need lawyers who are easily accessible, available when needed, and who will take the time to get to know them "over chips and cheese".
Hands holding books
August 11th 2022
Clan Childlaw is proud to have been involved in a new project to help inform care experienced young people about their continuing care rights.
July 13th 2022
13 Jul 2022 | We are pleased that a Street Legal case has been successful in the highest civil court in Scotland in challenging City of Edinburgh Council’s refusal to accept a homeless application from a family.
June 26th 2022
27 Jun 2022 | Clan Childlaw has submitted a response to the Scottish Government consultation on the Children's Care and Justice Bill. Our submission focused on the need to uphold the human rights of children who are in conflict with the law in Scotland.
May 25th 2022
25 May 2022 | Yesterday the Scottish Government announced how it plans to bring the UNCRC Bill within the Scottish Parliament’s devolved powers following the Supreme Court ruling in October 2021.
April 25th 2022
The Scottish Government is working on new laws aimed at preventing homelessness. Clan Childlaw is concerned that the proposals could represent a serious loss of rights for 16- and 17-year-olds who are experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness.
April 6th 2022
Scottish law around evictions changed on 30 March and some of the protections that were in place during the pandemic have been removed. The new law applies to all tenants who are asked to leave their home after this date.
March 28th 2022
Clan Childlaw is launching a project to explore the need for specialist rights-focused lawyers to work alongside criminal lawyers to uphold the human rights of children who are in conflict with the law.
February 8th 2022
The legal aid system in Scotland expects children and young people to navigate a complicated system which is not designed to meet their needs. Clan Childlaw is calling for changes to create a more child-friendly and accessible legal aid system.
December 17th 2021
The age at which a child can be charged with a crime has risen from 8 to 12. Clan Childlaw welcomes this change but cautions that Scotland should be aiming much higher.
December 6th 2021
Funding from the Scottish Government will support the expansion of Clan Childlaw's work to reduce the number of care leavers experiencing homelessness.