Brothers and Sisters in Children’s Hearings – What did the Supreme Court decide? Panel Discussion took place 21st July

July 21st 2020

On Tuesday 21st July Clan Childlaw’s Child Law Network hosted a panel discussion with Lucy Frazer and Alison Reid from Clan Childlaw, and Lynda Brabender QC who represented ABC in the Supreme Court. The panel explored what the decision means for young people who would like to be part of children’s hearings being held for their brothers and sisters.

The case of ABC has led the way in Scotland to a wider understanding of the importance of sibling relationships and the need for brothers and sisters to be involved in decision making. It acknowledges that the system has developed over the duration of the case because of these challenges and should result in more involvement of siblings in children’s hearings.

The case involved a 14-year old who wanted to be involved in decisions made about his brother at children’s hearings. This did not happen due to the way the legislation was worded which made it almost impossible for brothers and sisters and others with established family life to participate fully in decision making.

Clan Childlaw’s press release following the judgment is available here, and further reading is available here. We will share reflections from the panel discussion in due course. 

This event was for Child Law Network members. The Child Law Network is a completely free service providing updates on child law news in Scotland. Find out more here.