Information for children and young people during coronavirus and lockdown

May 6th 2020

We’ve been adding information to our Coronavirus Support and Information Hub which we hope will be useful for children and young people and those looking after and supporting them. 

Read our Courts update

Read about Children’s Hearings during lockdown 

Read about aftercare support, the Care Experienced Bursary and student finance

Read about contact during Covid-19 where parents don’t live together

Read also: 

Coronavirus Impact Survey – help us help more children and young people by telling us how coronavirus and lockdown are affecting how, how we can help and the questions you have about rights and the law 

Legislation and guidance affecting children and young people that has been brought in to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

If you need more information or advice about any of these or other issues, please get in touch with us to speak to one of our solicitors.