Scottish Design Award 2024 Nomination for ‘Alright?’

May 21st 2024

Clan Childlaw’s ‘Alright?’ animation has been nominated for a Scottish Design Award in the Animation/Moving Imagery category.

This is a fantastic achievement for all of those involved in bringing this piece to life.  We are delighted to have been shortlisted amongst the other brilliant nominees.

‘Alright?’ is an exploration of an individual’s struggle to find his place within a complex web of rights, laws and support systems. Malcolm identifies the significance of small yet impactful details that could improve the process of navigating the legal system, focussing on the individuals working within the support network and how their approach could be refined to better serve the needs of individuals like himself.

Clan Childlaw would like to thank the young people from Youth Justice Voices who participated in the creation of this animation. We’d also like to thank our partners and the supporters of this work: Scottish Throughcare and Aftercare Forum (Staf), Children and Young People’s Centre for Justice (CYCJ), Barnardo’s and The Promise Partnership, who funded this work.

You can watch ‘Alright?’ at our website here.