Your right to continuing care – new information materials

August 11th 2022

Clan Childlaw is proud to have been involved in a new project to help inform care experienced young people about their continuing care rights. We worked together with young people with care experience, CELCIS, and the Care Inspectorate to produce new information resources all about their right to continuing care and how it works for young people in different situations. The new free information includes online information and videos as well as a set of postcards.

In Scotland, Continuing Care is a legal right which means that all children living with foster carers, kinship carers or in residential care on or after their 16th birthday are entitled to stay living in the same place with their carers up until their 21st birthday. Each year, hundreds of young people become eligible for continuing care support, and we know that not all will be aware of their rights and entitlements. All young people living in care should know about and understand their right to continuing care and must be supported to make sure they get continuing care if they want and need it.

Clan Childlaw’s lawyers are experts in continuing care, and we are here to help if you, or a young person you know, have a question about continuing care or need help to get continuing care.

You can view the new resources on the CELCIS website at