Here are some questions you can ask to help a child or young person access their sibling rights. These questions can (and should!) be asked at every stage of a care journey.

  • Does the child or young person live apart from their sibling(s)?
  • Do they want to change something about how or when they see them?

If no, check in regularly and let them know they can speak to you at any point if things change. Each new Children’s Hearing or LAAC Review is an ideal opportunity to do this.

If yes, ask whether their sibling is looked after and if they have a social worker?

  • If yes, contact the social worker to discuss further; and/or
  • If the child or young person’s sibling is on a Compulsory Supervision Order, contact the Reporter and ask that they consider whether or not the child or young person you are working with should be a participation individual. See page 5.
  • If no, there are other ways to make sure siblings can see each other and stay in touch, such as an order through the family courts. A child or young person will need a lawyer and legal aid to make an application to the family court.