Clan Childlaw offers lawyer-led training about children’s rights and the law in Scotland. This training is an important part of our mission to protect and strengthen children’s rights and make their lives better.

As Scotland’s law centre for children and young people, we have a team of specialist lawyers who regularly represent children in court, at Children’s Hearings, and in important meetings. Our lawyers bring this expertise and experience to all of our training sessions.

We provide up-to-date information about the law in a practical and accessible way, with a focus on how the law can be used in practice to improve the lives of children and young people.

If you have any questions or would like to request training on a particular topic, please get in touch on To keep up to date on new training and workshop dates, sign up to our Child Law Network mailing list

What previous attendees say:

Great training! It felt comprehensive and lots of material was covered in a way that was easy to digest.

I found it all very useful, but the most useful was when we were given examples of situations that often happen and how the law can support them.

Since the training I’ve become more cautious around changes in accommodation and careful to check what changes in support this might mean and ensure that the young person is aware of and satisfied with this – if not support them to express their opinion. I also feel more able to contact Clan Childlaw with even small questions!

What children and young people say:

We ask some of the children we work with what they think people who support them should know more about. We use this feedback to shape our training programme.  

Here’s what some of those children have said:

I would say that it is important that they know factual information for young people.

I would just recommend for them to make use of Clan as I know that they are good.