In respect of children CC, FC and LC [2019] SC LIV 60 (Sheriff Court, July 2019)

These were applications for proof in terms of section 67 of the Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011 in respect of three children, CC, FC and LC. It was disputed whether the children’s mother, JC, had subjected the two older children, CC and FC, to unnecessary medical treatment. The Reporter had initially included in the Grounds a fact alleging that the children’s mother had a Fabricated and Induced Illness (FII) condition— however this was retracted before proof.?The Sheriff did note that the Reporter held the underlying FII theory but noted that she was not asked to make a finding on this issue. 

It was established that the mother had administered multiple injections of Novorapid to CC, thus endangering her life. Although the Sheriff was unable to either establish whether FC had also been subjected to unnecessary medical treatment or consider whether this was a case of FII, she did conclude that all three children were likely to have contact with someone who has committed a Schedule 1 offence. Therefore, all three children were directed back to the Principal Reporter. 

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